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 How did we do?

Thanks for visiting us at the café!  We are always thrilled to have our customers and community come in for a first experience, or return time and time again to our spot in Beaverton.  Please let us know how we did so we can continue to offer everything you come back to us for or let us know of any way(s) we can make any improvement to have you keep coming back.  In appreciation for your time in filling in the questionnaire for us, you will be added to our preferred customers list to receive regular promotions once your form is submitted.  Thank you again for your continued support! 

Feedback | Thank you for
your support!
Tell us what you thought about your visit.

1 is very poor and 5 is excellent
Was our space pleasant, inviting, comfortable, and clean?
Did our staff greet you upon entry or when you came to the front of the line?
Was our staff pleasant, couteous, informative, and professional?
Were our displays appealing with well-presented delicious looking food selections?
Do you know about our made to order offerings like soups, sandwiches, gathering items, catering, etc.
Was the food delicious, fresh, good value, and what you were hoping for?
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